• 2015 Top Yough Race

    The 2015 Top Yough Race went down on April 4th. After a bit of low water the week leading up to the race, racers were treated to rising water on

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    April 16th, 2015

LiquidLogic News

Keeping the Green Clean

Last Saturday, the biggest group yet gathered for the annual Green River Cleanup. Despite the cold temperatures, over 40 volunteers turned out to collect trash from the upper Green, the

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Inside the Gates of Liquidlogic

I reached out to Shane and Woody last fall when I learned an internship experience was a necessary part of graduation requirements from my high school in Atlanta. I couldn’t

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Big Mountain Kayak Sledding

The Asheville home team went out for some kayak fun in the snow! There was high speed action and just enough carnage to make it exciting.  It didn’t hurt that

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How to Rock Spin in your Kayak

Rock Spins add play all the way down the river, while helping you become more comfortable dealing with rocks.  The basic gist of the move is: drive your kayak up

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