#Automatic for the People

What is #AutomaticForThePeople?

From a staff that fit in a large sedan in 2000 to a crew of about 100 fifteen years later, we have not outgrown our goal to listen to everyone. We started #AutomaticForThePeople to bring even more voices in. AFTP is our regular search to find out what all paddlers want in the sport.  We put questions out there on our social media feeds, blogs, forums and news pages looking for your ideas, hopes, and dreams for the world of kayaking.  Our brains are always ticking away with ideas, so we figured yours were too.  You can help us be the company that you want to paddle with by tagging #liquidlogic and #automaticforthepeople. ATFP has lead to many great innovations already.

Get Involved in the Conversation

We will specifically ask for your thoughts and ideas on our social media pages. However, if you have an idea for us, you can tag us anytime at #liquidlogic #automaticforthepeople

Past / Present / Future

liquidlogic Kayaks Selling Direct to Paddlers Beginning October 1st

Fletcher, NC –liquidlogic is stoked to announce our transition to a direct-to-consumer sales strategy. liquidlogic will launch a redesigned website, featuring direct sales, October 1st, including a platform for selling kayaks, accessories, and parts. We may even have the hats, stickers, and t-shirts that you all have been begging us

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The Development of the liquidlogic Stinger

  The development of the liquidlogic Stinger started nearly 6 years ago. Hard to believe. I had both a lot less and a lot more hair. I had fewer wrinkles and we had less technology going into the design of our boats. The Remix 100 was the original name of

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The Freeride: A new playboat by liquidlogic

Maria sitting pretty in the new Freeride by liquidlogic (If you would like a theme song for the Freeride scroll all the way down to Edgar Winters video and press play, if not just keep reading and looking at pretty pictures.) The liquidlogic Freeride 57 spins into the final cycle

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The Development of the liquidlogic Versa Board

The first day paddling the first Versa Board prototype. The Versa Board started more than a year ago as just an experiment in this style of craft.  We were interested to see what direction this type of vehicle would go for liquidlogic.  At the time Native Watercraft (our partner in

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