Buying From LL

  • What to Expect

    You can expect great service and a quality product no matter how you hear about us! Simply order online, our products are handmade in our factory Store and shipped to your home or local event.

  • Shipping Options

    Factory Pickup is ALWAYS free! You can come to the factory to pick up your boat and then maybe get a lap in on one of your favorite Western North Carolina runs.
    Learn more about how it works.

  • Factory Store

    That’s right you can come to the factory and visit our in house store to try on any of our current models, talk with our staff, and buy a boat direct from the factory. You can also take a quick tour of the factory and see how our kayaks are made.

  • Interactive Map

    Visit the interactive map to learn about our Shipping Terminals, Demo Centers, Upcoming Events and see where we will be On the Road to next!

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