The Rotational Molding Laboratory

Welcome to liquidlogic’s rotational molding laboratory, better known as RotoLab. RotoLab is liquidlogic’s “top secret”, state-of-the-art testing laboratory. We test all products and materials under the sun (no pun intended!), and under fluorescent lights. RotoLab analyzes incoming raw materials and components, develops and monitors processing parameters, scientifically evaluates finished kayaks, and tests kayaks in some creative ways. liquidlogic selects the highest quality plastic and components available and processes them to a standard above any other company. We pride ourselves on being leaders of innovation, development, certification and quality maintenance.


The Science Behind LiquidLogic Kayaks

  • In-House & River Testing

    Monitoring our molding process prior to the finished product has allowed us to exceed our supplier’s published polymer strengths by 30%. How are we able to determine this you ask? We strictly monitor all of our high tech rotational molding ovens, molds, processes, and materials. We use a high temperature profiling system that allows us to follow an intense series of combinations and experimentation. Our engineered polymer design requires specific cooking and cooling methods to ensure the best mechanical strengths. Great efforts go into maintaining consistent, repeatable, and reliable plastics. Monitoring our oven and cooling cycles allow us to exceed our supplier’s polymer strengths by 30% as determined through the use of destructive mechanical in-house and field analyses. Dart impact testing allows us to evaluate the impact strengths and toughness of our plastic. We use the dart impact to determine the amount of impact that may be applied to our finished product when placed on the river with our customers. In testing, we consider the effects of various environmental factors, including temperature. Our favorite testing method uses destructive mechanical in-house testing. In-house product testing subjects plastic to -40 Celsius. This is all based on the time and temperature at which

  • Raw Material Inspection

    Our system of inspection, quality, and care sets our plastic apart from others in the industry. What makes us unique is our full gamut of quality control processes.  Our process begins as soon as the raw resin comes through our doors, where we inspect each box.  We look for consistency in pigment color, dry flow, bulk density, and test for contamination prior to releasing the resin into production.  Using a standard system for grading and approval, each box can be traced to an individual batch from the original manufacturer in the event of any future problems. Currently, we are partnered with the dominant resin supplier to the whitewater kayak industry.  When we first met with them, they had engineered an acceptable polymer for plastic kayaks; we helped them further develop a series that could withstand substantial environmental impacts and allowing us to push the limits in whitewater kayaking.  After 15 years of constant research and progression, we feel a strong commitment to maintaining the most durable kayaks in the industry.  We achieve the goal of providing the best and highest quality of kayaks by using our specific Quality Control processes, which include the following: All our resin is traceable by

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