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Tyler Brown


My Remix is my go to boat for nearly anything. I feel in complete control when I am in that boat. I love my Freeride for surfing and when I want to make any river I am on super playful. Whenever I want to go back to my roots in paddling, I will get in my Lil’ Joe. The Lil’ Joe was my first boat and what I first learned to paddle in. It was a great boat and is still great to take out from time to time. The Versa is awesome. Anytime I am wanting to get out on the water with friends and family for a flotilla, we load up the cooler and hit the water in the Versa.

Favorite Boats

Remix 69, Freeride 57, Lil’ Joe, Versaboard

Favorite Rivers

Upper Green NC, Chattooga- Section 3, French Broad – Section 9

Tyler Brown News

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Posted in Company News on December 10th, 2015
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