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I was born at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. I learned to kayak at Calleva. I started working there as a surfing instructor and one day they asked if I could teach kayaking and I haven’t gotten off my ass since. After learning the power of the river I live all over the place spending time living, working and learning in Mexico, Durango, Colorado and now Maryland.

I am married to an amazing wife Tess and have a 2 year old daughter Penelope, she will be in the 2032 olympics! I am the Director of Liquid Adventures which has recently merged with Calleva. I have been learning everything I can from the legend himself Tom McEwan. I am a very fortunate kayaker as I spend my winters in Mexico, part of my summer in Canada, and the rest of the year on the ever-providing Potomac River. See you on the River

Height / Weight

6’0″ / 155 lbs

Favorite Quote

“There are some that boof to live, and those that live to boof. Which are you?”

Boat Quote

Braaap- This is my go everywhere boat it can boof, its fast, and it plays. This boat is a game changer and will make you look at your home ever in a different way. The Braaap is great for class lll and class lV

Party Braaap- This is like the Braaap, but even more playful. I use this boat when I teach or want to play on the Upper Yough. Its amazing there is a boat that I can paddle center lines at Great Falls then throw stern squirts in the Bermuda Triangle.

Session- Do I need to say why is this one of my favorite boats?

Jefe Grande- This was the first boat I ever had, the Red Rocket as I called it. It was amazing and inspired so much confidence, that I was able to paddle harder and harder.

Where are you from?

Adamstown, MD

Favorite Rivers

Alseseca River- every single section, but the Potomac holds a special place in my heart.


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