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I started kayaking with my father when I was 8 years old. First he put me in the back of his kayak and I twined my legs around his waist. Then at the age of 10 I began kayaking on my own. Two years later I started at my first competition, a slalom race. But I only did slalom for about two years. After that I went creeking with my Dad and I have been doing this ever since. With my father, however, I only creeked in France. Later, I creeked in France, Corse and Italy and today I go creeking all over Europe, in fact all over the world.

I’ve been working as boilermaker for years but now I launch my small promotionnel video company ( I have a son, Yanis, a daughter, Maëlane and my girlfriend,Géraldine and I are currently building a house. When it comes to kayaking I live from day to day. I don’t have specific projects in mind. I just love to travel and see where it takes me – whether in France or anywhere in the world. To be in a team is really important for me, for many reasons like relationship, ambiance, safety etc. To be on your own is boring. What fascinates me about kayaking is that you meet a lot of people.

Height / Weight

1,77 m / 76 kg

Boat Quote

Stomper 90 : Super cool boat for creeking and expedition, lot of volume, soft edge for forgivenes on hard water, good boof, quick acceleration and the seat position is one of the most important part to adjust before to go on the water.

Remix 79 : it’s a old shape but a really good one ! One of the best kayak on the big water, this is where the remix really shines !!! super speed and tracking ability, pretty technical, hard to boot it but it keep speed after drop.

Freestyle : Long time ago I never had a good feeling and the big wave surfing with a freestyle boat ! I think it’s one of the freestyle kayak which get a good balance between holes and waves performance !

And the seat on every boat are so confortable !!!

Stephane Pion News

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Washington DC Special Delivery / $25 Shipping

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