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Liquidlogic Research and Development has always been about developing boats and gear that we would want to use. The fact that everyone in R&D paddles, and many of us paddle hard whitewater, gives us strong motivation to make great kayaks. We consider our home river to be the Green River Narrows; the perfect structural and durability testing grounds for many of our kayak designs. The Team LL Paddlers play a huge role in the R&D process as they are out there day in and day out pushing the limits of what kayaks can do. Take a closer look into the LL R&D Team and what’s new below.

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Slicey Prototype on the Gauley (video inside)

We finished up the first prototype of the Slicey design for the first release of the 2017 Gauley Season.  We had an awesome time to say the least. Slicey enough to splat and wheel our way down the river, loose enough to spin all the waves, and comfortable enough to paddle all day.  A few […]

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The Pat Keller Designed DELTA V creek boat has arrived!

OVERVIEW   With this model, we created a creek boat that will behave very well in any situation. The paddler will get the feeling that the DELTA V is taking care of them while on the water. With soft edges, smooth Braaap inspired rocker and a shorter platform, the DELTA V allows the paddler to […]

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The Development of the Liquidlogic Manta Ray Propel

We are very excited to introduce Liquidlogic’s first pedal-driven kayak design, the Manta Ray Propel.  We have been making pedal-driven kayaks through our fishing brand, Native Watercraft, for the better part of a decade, but have never transferred that technology over to Liquidlogic.  The new design is focused more towards smooth, easy pedaling, increased speed, […]

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The Development of the Liquidlogic Kayaks Mullet

  The design of the Mullet grew out of our desire to bring back some old skool moves missing from the mainstream scene for a long time and  package it in a high-performance hull comfortable for all paddlers. The Mullet will not only make your local run fresh and new again but it will help […]

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The Development of the Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel

First off, you may wonder how we came up with the name. The Flying Squirrel is the name of a move in the entrance drop of Gorilla, the largest rapid on our home river, the Green. Crazily enough, all three of the main elements in the design of this boat (speed, bow rocker, and volume) […]

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Pat Keller Joins the LL Family!

Decades ago, 7-year-old Pat Keller walked up to Shane, introduced himself, and proceeded to explain that he was going to be a kayak instructor and travel around the world to paddle. He’s met and exceeded that declaration in so many ways: waterfall huckmeister, blistering-fast racer, cutting-edge downriver freestyler, epic adventurer, and innovative design advisor. Born […]

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The Development of the liquidlogic Stinger

  The development of the liquidlogic Stinger started nearly 6 years ago. Hard to believe. I had both a lot less and a lot more hair. I had fewer wrinkles and we had less technology going into the design of our boats. The Remix 100 was the original name of the Stinger. The name came […]

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The Design and Development of the liquidlogic Stomper

Initial Stomper Model before Gelcoat Its been a while since we (liquidlogic) introduced a new extreme boat design.  I mean what are you going to do next, once you have the Jefe as your go to creek boat?  The answer is that we have done nothing for 6 years.  Few other creek boats have come close […]

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The First Round of Prototyping the liquidlogic Stomper

  Lil’ A taking the Stomper through its initial paces.  Remember that this is an early proto so the images you see will follow along with the timeline of testing and prototyping the Stomper.  This post is mostly just the 1st proto and some of the changes I made going into the second phase of […]

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