Jason Burke

“The high prize of life, the crowning fortune of man, is to be born with a bias to some pursuit, which finds him in employment and hapiness” – Emerson


I’m Jason. I’m a proud member of the production team, and a kayak assembly guru. I spend most of my free time on southeastern rivers or on trails in the beautiful and world class Pisgah National Forest. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, and I’ve been tied to waterways for my entire life. Moving to western NC in 2008 brought me new loves in whitewater kayaking and mountain biking, and I feel a deep calm and peace in the places that these sports take me, many of which can’t be reached any other way. The people at Legacy Paddlesports are what make all of the difference for me. We can cook boats all day long, and then go cool down on the Green after work. It doesn’t get much better.

Favorite Boats

Stomper 80, Stinger XP, Versa Board

Favorite Rivers

Green River, Forks of the French Broad, Wilson’s Creek, Doe River TN

About my Favorite Boats

Stomper 80- Super stable when the going gets rough. A port in a storm that boofs like a champ. Stinger XP- See ya’ll later! This beast is fast. Nothing beats speed. And with a hatch in the back for beer, gear and a frisbee or two, you can style it out hard on long days on the river. Hey yo, catch!

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