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Jake Greenbaum


I’m Jake Greenbaum from Ohiopyle Pennsylvania. I’m 26 years old, spent the last 16 years in a boat and I love to kayak. I grew up on the water as i am a 2nd generation kayaker and all though my favorite days of kayaking are spent with the crew on some class 5 creek run with waterfalls and such, any day spent on the water is a good day for me.
So hope to see ya in the next eddy!

Height / Weight

6’2″ / 180 lbs.

Boat Quote

Stomper 90 – for steep creeking and running waterfalls the stomper 90 is for me,
Remix 79 – The Remix 79 tends to be my choice for any bigger volume of water and for the short boat class races.,
Stinger – Having learned from a bunch of old school paddlers I take any chance I get to take the long boat out and go fast and do those big boat enders so I’m glad i have the Stinger for that. It’s also the perfect boat for my summer job, Safety boating on the Yough River

Favorite Rivers

Blackwater triple crown, Fantasy Falls, Dinky, Kinshew into secret stash, Rio nevado, Palguin, Alseseca. but anyday on the river is a good day!!

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