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I come from a kayaking family. I don’t know exactly when i really started but I did my first round of canoe between the knees of my father at 10 month few days before to walk. Step by step, me and my brother have paddled with passion from my 14 to be world champion in canoe and find more and more challenges in creeks around home. After close to 10 years in national team (downriver canoe, slalom canoe single or double) and saw the race courses become “skateparks” and wanted back on real river. I met the Green race and decided to back in the wonderful nature and the pure white water addiction ! http://www.eric-deguil

Height / Weight

181 cm / 82 kg

Boat Quote

100% Remix 79 addict ! This boat is probably the perfect balance to creek and play in all the spots that you can find on river. The remix is one of the fastest boat ever create to race and in same time the coolest boat to begin on white water. The SSSSSSSSTinger= fassssssssssst. Hard to describe the feeling that you have when you down with few strokes between rocks and stoppers with a lot of ssssssssspeed. In Jefe Grande i trust. This is a safe value when you need to be confident and use your instinct to fly in strong classV rapid

Where are you from?


Favorite Rivers

Brandseth, Cauterets,Alseseca,but anyday on river is perfect day.

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