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Crom Carey

“I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous”


I spent 10+ years mountain biking before I ever got in a kayak. A week after buying my first boat (a Jefe), my bike was stolen. I realized that I all of a sudden was a kayaker, and haven’t looked back, though I have since replaced my bike and make it to the trail when there are not any rivers running. Of the time I spend in a boat, most of it is spent creeking in the Southeast, though it is my goal to travel internationally to kayak at least once a year for the foreseeable future.

I work on the shipping team here at BIG Adventures. That means that I do everything from warehousing the boats, to loading tractor trailers, to scheduling the shipments, whether it be an ocean container going to Australia or a local dealer picking up a few kayaks. I studied Logistics in college and my passion is kayaking, so being able to incorporate both of those in my job is a dream come true. Clean lines!

Favorite Boats

Delta V, Stinger

Favorite Rivers

Green River, Gauley, Watauga, Upper Jundachi, Big Banana, Nevados

About my Favorite Boats

Delta V – All around great kayak. Stable and really agile. Awesome notch boat.

Stinger – Fastest on the water. Smooth is fast!

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