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Betsy Towns

“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will.” Charles Baudelaire


I sneak my way in to all kinds of weekend warrior projects at the factory: gardening, painting, rearranging the furniture. When I’m lucky, I get to advise on landscape design, paint colors, the art collection, and any other aesthetic descision I can chime in on. Whenever Woody, Bill or Shane have time, they let me edit writing before they publish. I stay a beginner kayaker so I keep a job as a beginner tester for prototypes. In the rest of my life I make Art, teach Art History at the UNC School of the Arts, play soccer and ride horses with my son, and think too much.

Favorite Boats

Remix 59, Flying Squirrel 85, Deuce Coupe, Versa Board

Favorite Rivers

Upper and Lower Green River, Salmon River, Nantahala, New River. Chattooga

About my Favorite Boats

Remix 59 – a remix feels smooth and sleek like you can sneak anywhere. I feel strong as an ox carrying that light little boat out at the takeout. I can’t wait to get my own Flying Squirrel 85 in road cone orange cause it powers thru waves like hot knife in butter, giving me more confidence. Plus who doesn’t like to say Squirrel.

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