Ben Whittle

“If you ain’t hurten you ain’t squirten”


I work in Dealer Services. I am the other guy on the end of the phone or email; you know the one that’s not Obie.

Favorite Boats

Flying Squirrel 85,Stomper 90, Remix 69 & 79, Remix XP 10, Stinger XP, and a few other craft that sit below the surface most of the time.

Favorite Rivers

Chattooga sec 3 and 4, OverFlow, Big Creek, Bottom Moose NY, Black NY, Upper Yough, Snake (Alpine Canyon) WY, Gros Ventre WY and so many more.

About my Favorite Boats

I can’t wait to spend more time in the Flying Squirrel 85, its the best of the the Remix and the Stomper.

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