What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Here at liquidlogic we pride ourselves on how we are different from our competition. Below, see some of the ideas and practices that set us apart.

Every Boat is crafted in Western North Carolina with an incredible level of detail by highly trained staff.

liquidlogic Boats are Designed and Produced by Paddlers

One of the benefits of being in Western North Carolina is the abundance of amazing whitewater within a short drive of the factory. The proximity to stellar whitewater runs allows everyone who works at liquidlogic to get on the water, even on a workday! Most people here take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to meet the people who make and paddle liquidlogic kayaks on our factory team page.

Living Wage Certified


We feel that paying a “living wage” for full time work is a standard that helps not only our employees but the local economy as well.

RotoLab / Quality Control

In the kayaking world safety is paramount. As such, we created a Rotational Molding Laboratory or as we call it, the RotoLab. The RotoLab is focused on making sure the materials and processes we use to make kayaks are of the highest standard. To learn more about the RotoLab, click here.

Customer Service

Our customer service is second to none in the industry with Chris Oblinger and Ben Whittle at the helm. We stand behind our products and are responsive to our customer’s needs. To connect with us, click here.

R&D Process

Take a look or paddle one of our boats and you will understand the years of experience Shane Benedict and the R&D team bring to the table.  Learn more about their process by clicking here.

Production Process

In every step of the process, we employ incredibly stringent standards and careful oversight to ensure that we stick to them. We strive to make the best boats in the industry. Period. Every boat that leaves our facility is crafted to perform and last.

  • Highly trained and adaptable team based workforce
  • Constant Quality Assurance testing with immediate action to concerns
  • We use in-depth analysis and record keeping of each production cycle to hone production processes

Moving Towards Sustainability

As an organization we are always striving to become more environmentally sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some of the innovations we have implemented and are implementing to get there.

  • Reducing Energy Consumption: We replaced lights in our production area as well as the warehouse. The lights have High Efficiency ballasts and High Efficiency ECO T8 lamps(bulbs). Each fixture has 8 lamps and uses a total of 273 watts. We switched from 460 watt metal halide fixtures that were over 30 years old. That is a 40.7% reduction in energy usage. After installing the new lights, we recycled and reused all the materials produced as a byproduct of the installation including conduit, wire, ballast drivers and light reflectors. Although minor in comparison to the lights, we installed some hand dryers instead of placing paper towels in the bathrooms. We increased the efficiency of the dyers by using a 277v instead of the 120v.
  • Recycling: One of the “programs” we have here is the clichéd Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Part of the program entails educating employees through training about what to recycle. We recently placed new recycling containers around the building to encourage more recycling. The program is aimed to increase our recycling and reduce our landfill waste. We also bulk recycle our scrap foam and plastic. The closed cell foam is hauled away for use in making carpet padding. The open cell foam is recycled by one of our foam manufactures which keeps it out of a landfill. In addition, whenever possible, we reuse boxes that we receive materials/supplies in to ship accessory items. Whatever cardboard that cannot be used is recycled. We also offer used boat recycling to our customers, free of charge. To learn more about this program, click here.
  • Clean Water Initiatives: We make a conscious effort to reduce any river pollution. From initiatives as basic as keeping the outside area clear and free of trash that could wash into the river and organizing our landscaping to minimize and sediment runoff with plants, ground cover and mulch. We do not use any harmful chemicals to manage our gardens. We use a vinegar/salt/sun mixture for our weed killing and prevention. We have little to no industrial discharge into the sewer system. The only discharge we output into the sewer system is the clean water from our air compressor. The other parts of our process do not produce any type of discharge. We also have all low flow toilet fixtures conserving water.
  • Reduction in Paper Usage: As part of an ongoing effort to reduce our dependance on paper products we use Google Drive as much as possible. This helps use store valuable information that is accessible to employees without having to use paper to disseminate the material.

Material/Supplier Selections

We are always seeking the best materials out there. Whenever possible, we try to source materials locally to help support our community as well as select materials that will have minimal environmental impact.

Automatic for the People-We listen and act

We ALWAYS listen to what our customers want and act on it as best we can. If you would like to contribute to the conversation, learn how on our #automaticforthepeople page here.

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