About Us

  • Our Story

    We started Liquidlogic because we wanted to make great kayaks. It is, and has always been, that plain and that simple. We make boats that we want to paddle. We make kayaks that you ask us to design. We make kayaks that we are proud to send our friends to the river in. Through the years, that original goal has driven us to refine all aspects of what we do. It has inspired us to work towards becoming a great company that makes great boats.

  • Our Team

    It takes a lot of people to bring you great kayaks. Our paddling team, production crew, assemblers, sewers, r & d, number crunchers, shipping, and a whole host of others work hard to make it happen. We are all paddlers.

  • RotoLab

    Welcome to RotoLab, better known as Rotational Molding Laboratory. RotoLab is liquidlogic’s top secret, “state of the art” testing laboratory. We test all products under the sun (no pun intended)! Testing incorporates analysis of incoming raw materials, to final product testing, and monitoring throughout a product’s lifetime. liquidlogic, as a whole, has always separated themselves from the rest of the industry in selecting and pursuing a higher quality plastic. We felt it was in our best interest to be nonconformists in the crowd and be a leader in developing, certifying, and maintaining quality of the plastics used by which the rest of the whitewater kayaking industry follows.

  • Find Us on the Road

    We like to travel around and when we travel we like to see you! Come find us On the Road to see what is new with LL, try out a boat or put in some ideas for new boats. Hey, we might even be giving away some free schwag.

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