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Hoss is a river runner for the paddler sized between 130 and 240 lbs. It is easy to paddle downstream and easy to roll. We took the tried and true qualities of our creek boats and joined them with a playful hull design that allows any paddler to surf, spin and carve on waves while also paddling the river confidently. The Hoss is like the brother that you always want looking out for you. Hoss is the big brother that will take you under his wing and if you need a smaller friend, Lil’ Joe is the same reliable brother just in a smaller package.

Color Pallette
Length Width Weight Cockpit Rocker Volume Paddler Weight
Length Width Bow Stern
7' 10" / 239 cm 26" / 66 cm 42 lbs / 19 kg 34" / 86 cm 19" / 48 cm 10" / 25 cm 9" / 23 cm 70 gal / 265 L 160-240 lbs / 72-109 kg