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Deuce Coupe


Double your pleasure, double your fun -- that’s the motto of this tandem sit on top kayak. Like its solo counterpart, the Deuce Coupe is the most versatile tandem sit on top ever produced and the only tandem sit-on-top kayak with a deployable skeg for tracking. With the skeg tucked away, the Deuce Coupe steers effortlessly from the stern and solo seating positions while paddling rivers and back bays, but with the skeg in the down position, the Deuce Coupe tracks straight and true. This versatile sit-on-top is especially family friendly with three seats and plenty of space for additional gear.

With the Deluxe Wedge stern seat the Wedge bow seat and the Tag Along Wheel now standard on every boat, the Deuce Coupe offers up unparallel comfort and control in a beautiful, roll-away package.

Dropping the boat on the wheel may result in failure. Also, to prevent damage, the wheel should be removed when using the boat in whitewater.

Color Pallette

Length Width Weight Paddler Weight
13' / 396 cm 33" / 84 cm 78 lbs / 35 kg 500 lbs / 227 kg
DVC Seat

Find out more about the the Wedge Seat and the Tag Along Wheel Mount.

Tag Along Wheel
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