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First Class Swivel Seat DVC Seat
The DVC Seat Drains, Vents and Cushions providing additional comfort and support for Mist models. The Solar Screen fabric stays cool and resists water or sun damage.

First Class Swivel Seat Versa Board DVC Seat Back
The Versa Board DVC Seat Back attaches easily to provide back support when using the molded in seat of the Versa Board. It drains, vents, and cushions so your back stays cooler and dryer than in other foam seats. Plus the Solar Screen fabric resists water or sun damage.

First Class Swivel Seat Swivel Seat
The Versa Board Swivel Seat is extremely comfortable and adjustable. It offers all around comfort and support and swivels easily. If you want to stand and paddle unhook the latch and flip the seat back out of your way for more board space! Plus, the draining and venting fabric is suspended over an anodized frame to keep you from sitting in puddles.

Wedge Seat Wedge Seat
The Wedge Seat, sewn in our Greensboro NC, factory not only drains, vents and cushions to provide long lasting comfort but the Solar Screen fabric stays cooler and withstands sun and water damage far longer than standard compression molded seats. The Wedge Seat can be added to the Coupe, Deuce Coupe or Versa Board.

Deluxe Wedge Seat Deluxe Wedge Seat
The Deluxe Wedge seat, sewn in our Greensboro NC, factory includes the ultra comfortable Wedge seat plus hip pads for additional comfort.The Deluxe Wedge Seat can be added to the Coupe, Deuce Coupe or Versa Board.

Thighstraps Thigh Straps
These super comfortable Thigh Straps attach to the Coupe and offer a brace for better control and maneuvering. Like our other upholstered accessories, the Thigh Straps are sewn in our Greensboro NC facility.

Seat Attachment Kit

Remix/Jefe Rotomolded Seat Kit
Whitewater boats now feature an improved rotomolded seat design. Additions include the easy slidelock seat adjustment system, quicklink attachment points behind the seat, and extra storage space on the wall for water bottles, ropes, etc. Additionally they provide more structure to the hull for increased safety and hull longevity. The Bad Ass Outfitting remains nchanged and unchallenged as the most comfortable, flexible and easy to adjust outfitting on the market.

Seat Attachment Kit

Remix XP Rotomolded Seat Kit
The new rotomolded seat in the XP offers a more contoured support of our top-of-the-line Bad Ass Outfitting, as well as easy instant access behind the seat. Two quicklink attachment points have also been added behind the seat for any gear you may need. The two wall structural support rails and the center pillar give I-beam like stability increasing the integrity of the hull and providing extra attachment and storage opportunities. The new bow wall is removable to make packing the front of your boat simple. It has also been reshaped to provide a stable handle when transporting the boat over your shoulder.

High Seat Back

Remix XP High Seat Back
The High Seat Back can be added to Remix XP 9's or Remix XP 10's to provide additional back support during all your expeditions. The total height is 11.5 inches.

Groove Kit

Groove Kit
The Groove is an accessory attachment system for the Versa Board that utilizes a set of anodized aluminum rails for accessories to be slid on and off of. Rod holders and mounting plates simply slide on and can easily be moved closer or farther away for your personal comfort. Because they are secured in place with thumb screws that do not require any tools to tighten, you can make adjustments or exchange accessories even when out on the water. This durable attachment system is great around fresh or salt water and helps you easily equip yourself for a great day of fishing or fun on the water.

Groove Adapter Kit Slugs

Groove Adapter Kit Slugs
Groove Adapters can be added to your favorite gear so it mounts and adjusts quickly and easily on the Groove Accessory system. The slider feet fit into the Groove systems of the Versa Board.

Wheel Mount

Tag Along Wheel Mount
The Wheel Mount attaches easily with two screws to the stern of a Coupe, Deuce Coupe, or Versa Board. It allows an individual to easily transport the boat from vehicle to beach and back.

Liquidlogic 50' Speedloader Throw Bag
For close to 20 years, paddlers have used throw bags for safety, lowering boats, and rescue. The Speedloader takes the hassle out of repacking the rope after use. The bottom of the bag is flat so that it will sit upright on a rock or beach and the three-leafed design lets the top open super wide, making it fast and easy to reload. After stuffing the rope back into the bag, simply draw the top string tight, tuck the sides in and snap the compression strap buckle in place to make the bag tight and compact. The foam-core gives the bag built-in flotation.  Mesh separates each section of the bag to help reduce size and allow the rope and bag to dry quickly.  Bright green polyurethane-coated nylon pack cloth covers the bag for visibility and durability. The rope itself is 50' of 5/16" MFP rope with reflective tracers woven in for additional visibility. It's simple, easy and most importantly: it works. See a demo video HERE!

Large Speedloader Bag Liquidlogic 75' Speedloader Throw Bag
The 75" Speedloader features the same brilliant design as the Liquidlogic 50' Throw Bag but is larger to accommodate the extra length of 3/8" MFP rope.

Deck Mount Paddle Holder Deck Mount Paddle Holder
This simple Deck Mounted Paddle Holder allows you to secure your paddle out of the way without worrying about it floating away. It easily attaches to any kind of kayak. Installs with two screws (requires permanent holes for installment).

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